Sunday, 25 March 2012

Glass but more awesome

Tweaked the texture a lot and played around in cry engine and got that texture on that main building! Great thing is I can use the texture for surrounding background skyscrapers and the like which will really save memory give a sense of place for the building and also help tie the slightly futuristic element together.


Been messing around with making some super awesome mirrored glass and figuring out some good texturing practices combining normal maps to try and get distortion effects over it as well as using that to distort cube maps! Here was  3Ds Max test just screenshotted from their crappy view port!

Restaurant idea update

Well here is that idea brain-storm thingy. It just roughly gets the idea across for what I have been trying to achieve in thta area. Ibased the main style and furiture design from the southbank resaturants I went and researched and gathered photo reference from, and has really helped me plan it all out.

Floor in the CryEngine3

Well here is more catching up for me to do!!!! Well here is the floor working in engine, though I had a problem with the texture as it imported too dark and ended up looking quite bronze. I adjusted this and gave it a more blue tint to harmonize with the rest of buildings going in and the blue glass that will be on the main plaza tower building. Also got the crit back that the curves on the floor looked to low poly and needed to be smoother and I agreed so bumped up the curvy-ness (if thats even a word which i'm sure it's not but whatever, deal with it) and meant more work, arghhhh!!! I also tried to make some sort of different floor tile for the restaurant area but it didn't fit right? So I decided to do a quick paint over of that area to solidify what was in my head  and get it down in a form I could understand better. I'll post that up next!


Oh man been so busy with the work load mounting up just been too busy to post anything!!!! But here goes, well the floor was done but found that the tiles I had created as tests for my workflow were too grimy and dirty and didn't fit the corporate shiny clean style I was trying to acheive. I worked hard on trying to get it right especially as I had to cut some complex geometry for the floor and make sure it worked and was nice and tidy. Here are some of the process I went through to get the right look.

Friday, 9 March 2012

Floor texturing techniques continued

Here are some more examples of the floor texturing I have been working with and trying to get  nice specularity to try and achieve a polished concrete floor finish for the main floor of the plaza. I've been working on getting the geometry of the floor working properly as well as the spiral pattern got a lot of positive feed back and making that has proven quite tricky.

Here are the shots of the tiles: -

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Floor plan 3

Tried another idea out think i'm getting closer now to. I'm trying to use the curve as a design theme throughout the plaza rto try and break up the square floor and buildings around the place.

Floor layouts and material plans

I've been working with the idea of cutting the geometry of my floor to create more interesting shapes and also planning the exact materials to tile properly in each section. This will allow me to break up the floor easily and effectively as well as adding surface variation across the large area without having one large streched texture that is very small and pixelated and gives the level a high res feel.