Sunday, 27 May 2012

The Tower: Modelling 3

I started to try and change the silhouette of the building a little as I found that the concepts weren't transferring as well as I thought they would even though I liked them a lot from the 2D images. I think it's due to the fact that as a person looking up it's an entirely different perspective and things appear very differently from max to cry engine due to depth of field and camera perspectives. I tried with his one to incorporate a curved side to the building but didn't like the way the cut in looked.

Thursday, 17 May 2012

The Tower: Modelling 2

I started to add variations to the tower design and found that the concepts were turning out a bit too blocky and made it seem a little too low poly for my liking. So I decided to start changing it up a bit to get a feel i was more happy with.

Saturday, 12 May 2012

The Tower: Modelling

I started to model the main tower from the concepts and tried to keep the design simple to begin with to try and avoid over complicating the geometry too soon. From this base model it meant that I can then build upon it and make several variations from the concepts.

Saturday, 5 May 2012

building design 2

got some thing I think is really solid now, got them in max to just working on what seems to work better in 3D as I have found that sometimes 2D concepts look good on paper but not in the engine or Max! Going to use the materials for this building carefully to in order to get a solid feel all round through the plaza and really ground its purpose and architectural design throughout the area.

Friday, 4 May 2012

building design

I carried on the process and have carried on refining the buildings and making sure I get that feel of being modern as well as being the headquarters for some corporate company. and make sure that the building could stand out in a group of buildings within a skyline much like the skyscrapers in dubai or more classically New York where the buildings have a real presence and character.

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Refining it

Getting some good Ideas down though its tricky trying to get the sense of how it will work in a 3d space so I think the design may need a tweak once they are set up in Max.

Getting it done

Here are the sheets with some silhouette ideations and just trying to focus in on something tight and clean to give off that very modern skyscraper feel.

Crit and developing

I recieved a lot of crit over my plaza and the main focal point of that came from the fact the plaza seemed to be a mash of different styles and genres and each idea seemed to be very bitty in places and caused a lot of visual conflict and confusion. A fix for that problem was first figuring out why this had happened. This was clear to see in the fact I have a reference folder literally bursting at the seams with visual information that is just clogging up my brain and making me just take things I like from here and there like an artistic magpie. However that has left me stumbling around in the dark and looking for some way to climb out of all this reference and push the project forward properly down a very tight and specific route where everything ties itself together. I was suggested to go back and focus on what inspired me first which was the interesting zaha hadid architectural styles and the modern skyscrapers being put up all over the world. It was also clear to me that materials needed to be considered hugely and what I liked most from the designs and buildings I had seen. I know that from the work I had already done blue glass form those moderen style was a must and the white renders that give a slightly sci fi feel really spoke out to me. I decided that to move forward I need to take a step back and focus on making to main tower the feature of the plaza and let that generate the shops etc around it to stop this bitty feeling that had been described to me.

Also the other major crit I recieved was about the functionality of the plaza and who owns it as again that related to the style of the building, in my design document I have produced for this project it goes into the backstory of the corporation and its goals and little of the history of the universe to help explain the piece better. So I again the refernce I used would become even tighter and hone in on that final product bullseye I want to achieve. This meant that acrhitecture should naturally look more business and corporate like rather than the entertainment look that had naturally come from being too focussed on the smaller details thatn the bigger picture. With this all taken on board the idea and clarity has really set in and has pushed me to create a lot of focussed ideas that I have got down on paper, well digital paper saving trees and all the eco stuff!

Examples of the Architecture I want to focus in on: