Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Lighting with assets

Heres the skscraper with a place holder texture as the replace me textures were getting rather annoying!!!!! But the main reason for this post is to show of the lighting i'm happy with!!! I want to ad in some clouds and other things to fill the sky up a bit and make it feel more real but that can come later. With the time of day setting I also managed to get the top of the skyscraper to start blurring out as well from the player perspective to add that sense of scale.

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  1. Hi Kristian! I've been playing final fnatasy 13-2 and I got to a future city called Academia which made me think of your FMP. It is really beautiful and has some really great ideas for shapes, assets, colours, panels and things that you could take inspiration from.

    If you get a chance to play it yourself, be sure to take a look as the pictures dont justify how great the scale and the level of detail it has.