Wednesday, 18 July 2012


I went on to use those graphics to create one of the shop fronts. I followed simon fuchs tutorial on making realistic glass in cryengine and found it very useful as it then dicovered from further reading how to generate my own cubemaps for my level so icould have the plaza reflected in the window and make the area more realistic. I broke the front shop section into its own piece as I wanted to lower draw calls in the level as the material would be quite expensive especially if I had teh illuminated signs attached as well. So I unwrapped some the sign ahop toppers on  a sepearte texture sheet so they would have the same material and glow effect and help to tie the plaza together as places like this have very strict rules on having the same architectural style inside the area (such as santa monica place I mentioned in my earlier posts). The front looks a little plain at the moment but I'm planning on adding some decals which say "sorry, we are closed for the night - please return soon" over the front or something to that effect.

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